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Hi, I got an email from about participating in the Omegathon. It gave a link to a google doc and asked for my confirmation number for my PAX ticket. I was wondering if this is legitimate and not a phishing attempt.


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  • LazorzLazorz Tokyo, JPRegistered User regular
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    Yes, it's real. Khoo confirmed it on his twitter.

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  • jonxpjonxp [E] PC Security Registered User regular
    It is indeed legitimate, as confirmed by Khoo.

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  • delitax505delitax505 Registered User new member
    Awesome, thank you!

  • CrielCriel Registered User regular
    So, will I not be able to sign up? I tag-teamed this with my cousin and he got 9 tickets(fri-sat-sun x3) and I got the monday passes(x3), since I will technically be there all 4 days, does this not qualify?

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