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Mumble won't pic up my mic

SeGaTaiSeGaTai Registered User regular
I use a ps3 bluetooth headset as my computer mic and it works fine for Skype and teamspeak. Been trying to get it to work for Mumble as the wildstar guild decided to use primarily. It lists the headset as the audio input but doesn't pick up any sound, register any volumes when you try and do the audio wizard setup and the little speak icon doesn't light up next to your name when talking.

Anyone have any idea why it seems to work fine for everything else but won't work with mumble? Any support thread just says re-install ( I have) and make sure the audio input is correct (tried every option).



  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu PIGEON IndiaRegistered User regular
    Open up Mumble and something else simultaneously and see if the mic works in the other thing. This will help you figure out whether Mumble is deactivating the mic or whether something else is happening.

  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    I've found mumble doesn't work consistently unless you run it as admin.

  • NoisymunkNoisymunk Registered User regular
    Have you tried setting it as the default recording device in Windows sound options, and then selecting 'Default Device' in Mumble? Sometimes windows is weird about that.

  • CambiataCambiata Commander Shepard The likes of which even GAWD has never seenRegistered User regular
    "Default device" in mumble is another possibility, I remember once I tried to set mumble to my specific headphones and the mic stopped working, but as soon as I set it back to 'default device' it worked fine.

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