MOTW 6/18/14: I do remember once being worthy

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Avengers #31, 400 years in the future isn't a terrible place at all! Nope, nosiree....




Uncanny X-Men #22, the big bad is revealed, Cyclops is right, and the New Xavier school seems to have raised the first pick in the new mutant draft:



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  • wirehead26wirehead26 Registered User regular
    Fables 141 had a hell of an ending.
    Bigby is back, and a feral killing machine.

  • WiseManTobesWiseManTobes Registered User regular
    Silver Surfer was really fun this week, I'll try and get some pics up later , but if someone wants to beat me to it that's also fine.

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    Scott has all the best students.

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    Broken Thor's should just pick themselves up again.

    Thor: God of Thunder #23. An ancient All-Father Thor, protecting a dead Earth...
    ...Slays Galactus

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  • KyouguKyougu Registered User regular
    I have no idea what's happening in that Avenger's post.

  • lwt1973lwt1973 King of Thieves SyndicationRegistered User regular
    Kyougu wrote: »
    I have no idea what's happening in that Avenger's post.

    Setting up Ultron for the new Avengers movie for next year or something.

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  • noir_bloodnoir_blood Registered User regular
    Kyougu wrote: »
    I have no idea what's happening in that Avenger's post.

    That's generally been my feeling through most of Hickman's run. Though to be fair I've only caught stray pieces of it through here and places like BC and SD.

  • Merlin the TunaMerlin the Tuna Registered User regular
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    Kyougu wrote: »
    I have no idea what's happening in that Avenger's post.
    Cap & company are rocketing forward in time courtesy of the Time Gem going on the fritz. When they arrive at 400 years in the future, they land inside a forcecage that Ultron-ized versions of themselves had somehow setup in advance. Grim Portents ensue, and also Cap gets a bomb put in his head or something.

    Where this is actually going and when the group will stop pretending they're in a Cable book is unclear.

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  • Mike DangerMike Danger "Diane..." a place both wonderful and strangeRegistered User regular
    That Avengers post is actually the first thing I've seen from Hickman's Avengers that has piqued my interest

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    @ManetherenWolf‌ Damn, you really called it on OS #3.
    As I read the last few pages of this issue, I was thinking to myself "I feel like this is playing out exactly like someone on the GV forums said it would." Sure enough, I went back to the old thread and
    The Fury was an LMD. Explains why it didnt see anything in the Truth Bomb.

    Bucky knows, and thats why he took the head, so he can get info from it.

    Also: mid issue thing with the guy talking about getting more bullets?

    my bet is its the real Fury, much older looking, and the other (which looked to be in SHIELD gear) was another LMD. So its Older original Fury with an army of LMDs.

    I don't think anyone could have called it anymore closely than that.

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  • ManetherenWolfManetherenWolf Registered User regular
    yeah I was laughing when I read the issue that I was that dead on.

  • cshadow42cshadow42 Registered User regular
    Reminds me when I jokingly guessed on the forums as to the ID of Red Hulk, and then Red She-hulk. And I was right. Then again, that's Loeb for you.

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