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Microscope Help

marhtmarht Registered User new member
I am currently using a program called NIS elements BR. Does anyone use this program? I am having a really bad time with it and Nikon customer service is extremely unhelpful.


  • EmbraceThePingEmbraceThePing ひきこもり Where the Crabbits and the Iz roam and the Jungle Queen rules the plainsRegistered User regular
    I'm sorry I have nothing to offer but I just can't let a thread go unanswered for so long without at least a word of comfort.

    I'm sorry your having problems and I hope someone with answers comes by soon.

  • Anarchy Rules!Anarchy Rules! Registered User regular
    I've only ever used metamorph when doing microscopy, so I'm afraid I can't help. You might find a better response in a more specialised forum perhaps? I've used the Biotechniques forum for other things with some success and they have a specific microscopy subforum - here

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