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looking for xinput pc gamepad with no travel distance triggers

rembrandtqeinsteinrembrandtqeinstein Registered User regular
The two I currently have (logitech f310 and f710) use what I believe are analog triggers with a fairly long travel distance. This prevents effective rapid fire like you can do with face buttons/bumbers and would help in a lot of games.

Does anyone know of an xinput usb controller, preferably wired with a decent length cord, that features digital triggers or triggers with no travel distance?


  • CuvisTheConquerorCuvisTheConqueror They always say "yee haw" but they never ask "haw yee?" Registered User regular
    Unfortunately, there aren't many Xinput controllers at all, let alone ones with digital triggers. Your best best might be a PS2 controller with a PS2-to-360 adapter.

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