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School me on [Raleigh/Durham, NC]

NocrenNocren Lt Futz, Back in ActionNorth CarolinaRegistered User regular
So, I have an interview with a large company next week in Raleigh, NC which if I get means I would be moving there before August.

I haven't really been to the east coast much, though I was in Charleston but never really saw the light of day (literally) or much of the city proper for the year I was stationed there.

What can I expect to find there in the area regarding cost of living, culture, people, and what not. If it helps, I would be around the Research Triangle Park area.

It's kind of a big culture shock to me since I don't have a home base to fall back on and I'm possibly literally moving across the country for a decent job.

With the accelerated timeline, I'd like to know of any neighborhood recommendations for renting to avoid or that are overpriced as well as any type of activities to where I can meet people. Since I'll be starting a new life essentially, I don't want to just sit in an apartment with my computer/console during my off hours.



  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    There was a thread about this fairly recently:

    I probably don't have much relevant information on the area, I've been gone for nearly 4 years and things down there have been changing fast. From what I've heard since I left, the politics are absolutely terrible right now, so register to vote!

  • DelzhandDelzhand Venitah, Satariel! Registered User regular
    Man there are so many threads about people moving to Raleigh. I really wish Winston-Salem could draw more young professionals.

    Steam|FFXIV|Switch SW-3472-4893-0802
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