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Hey folks, hoping some of you more savvy Word users can help me out here.

I'm testing part of a software for work that uses the merge field option in MS Words to create templates with populated data. I'm testing that the tokens we currently have in place are all working.

Right now, this means that I open up a brand new word doc and do the following:


The problem is the system has about 100 tokens, so to insert every token into the word I have to repeat that process above, and that seems like a waste of time. Even if I had to go in and type the tokens out, but not go through the whole Quick Parts->Insert first. would save me some trouble. Then I would just upload the document into our system and see what tokens fail.

So is there a way to do this?

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    What versions of Word do you have available to you?

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    Use copy and paste, and toggle the field codes.

    I'm using 2010:

    Insert>QuickParts>Field>select "MergeField" from the left> enter Field Name I'll use 'red' as an example

    Show reveal codes to make this a bit easier
    • Select the text: <<red>>
    • Copy/paste a bunch of times (99 I guess)
    • Select all, right click, "Toggle Field Codes"
    • You'll now get: { MERGEFIELD red \* MERGEFORMAT }
    • You can now type the new field names where 'red' is. Maybe find/replace would make it easier as pseudo "entry box" with every time you hit 'next'.
    • Make sure that when you "Toggle Field Codes" again, you also right click and select "Update fields" to see the change you made.

    You might also find this page helpful:

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