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Tabletop Game Playtesting

MaugusMaugus Registered User regular
Is anyone else going to be playtesting any games in the tabletop area? At some point to be determined, I'll be looking for playtesters for my game Shipwrecked. What's the best way to get word out for that?


  • BoomsickleBoomsickle Registered User regular
    Im planning on attending Dragon Dice. Always wanted to get into it but it looked too complicated.

  • PottedMeatPottedMeat Registered User regular
    After the expo closes, tweeting out on @TT_HQ that you're looking for playtesters is a decent way to find people. also the #ttlfg hashtag. Honestly I only use twitter once a year, and it's for the tabletop scene at PAX. I also saw last year, there was a boardgame shop setup on one of the first few floors of the center, they had a few people demo'ing some games that were still being fine tuned. You might be able to talk to the proprietor and get some time on a table in there, dunno for sure though.

  • LackeyLackey [E] PAX Tabletop Tournaments Registered User regular
    Maugus - I also hope to show off an early playtest of a game I'm working on :) (a Roman-themed dice and card-driven tableau builder I'm calling Rubicon) Good luck to you!

    I second the use of the #ttlfg hashtag on Twitter. All of the Tabletop banners will remind people to use #ttlfg for Tabletop Looking For Group. Something like this might do the trick:

    "I'm playtesting my new game, Shipwrecked, in the WSCC Rm. 305 at 8pm, Playtesters wanted! #ttlfg"

  • MaugusMaugus Registered User regular
    Thanks for the speedy and helpful answers everyone! That is exactly what I was looking for.

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