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CaptPrinnyCaptPrinny Registered User new member
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Time: Hoping for either a Friday 1pm or Sunday 1pm time for this.

Place: Diversity Lounge (Please check your event maps for the location of this place)

Goal: To provide a place for fellow video gamers to discuss LBGT portrayal and roles in gaming, the negative portrayal of gender roles in gaming, and a place to discuss how gaming as a whole could do better in meeting the growing demand for a positively diverse gaming world.

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  • GeeCeeGeeCee Registered User regular
    Looks like you may have inadvertently posted this in the PAX General Discussion area instead of the PAX Prime subforum.

    That said, don't forget about the Diversity Lounge on Level 6 just after you get off the escalator: https://guidebook.com/guide/24122/map/29770/

  • CaptPrinnyCaptPrinny Registered User new member
    hey thanks for correcting me. It even seems like that the Diversity Lounge is a great place to hold such an event.

  • Rhea_starstormRhea_starstorm Portland, ORRegistered User regular
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    Sounds intresting. I'll try and make it if I remember. I do like the pro diversity panels and spaces pax is starting to incorporate. This is a small goal but i'd like to adress the use of the word gay as a pejorative in the gaming community. I know trash talking is a tradition of online gaming but we can do better.

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  • CaptPrinnyCaptPrinny Registered User new member
    That is a legitimate goal. I also feel the use of the n word as a pejorative perputrates the hatred of a race. It would be cool if we can get some indie devs to talk to a small group to see how they will adress these issues in their upcoming games.

  • CodextehFishCodextehFish Vancouver, CanadaRegistered User regular
    Awesome! I think that I will attend, either day it doesn't conflict with my panels I plan to attend. Thank you for organizing this!

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    I am fairly certain this poster is acting in bad faith, and would recommend against anyone interacting with them further.

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