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Hello all,

I'm a first timer at PAX, and I'm here with my girlfriend who has a chronic pain issue from when she was struck by lightning (yes, lol), which basically means she can only walk for about 20 minutes at a time. Needless to say, getting around a show floor will be much better with a wheelchair, and our hotel (the W) promised that they would hold one for us that we could use. Unfortunately, they now say that they won't let us take the wheelchair off the property.

Any ideas for where we can rent a wheelchair, or if PAX itself has any options for this? We did not rent a car, unfortunately.

Edit: We emailed the email address provided by PAX multiple times before flying out about a possible wheelchair but they never got back to us.

Edit 2: Solved! Thanks.

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    http://www.accessmedicalequipment.com/ Quick google search yielded this place. I don't have personal experience with anything like this but maybe someone else does. It's not surprising that the hotel won't let you leave the premises with their wheelchair but perhaps they should have explicitly stated so.

    That said, taking frequent breaks is not uncommon during PAX so best of luck to your GF.


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    Thanks, the hotel directed us there as well so we've got it sorted now.

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