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Pins and Autographs

MozleronMozleron WotC Build engineerSeattle, WARegistered User regular
What is the community's thoughts on getting pins/pin backs/pin cards autographed by their issuers?
Does it even make sense to ask?
Would Mike and Jerry be willing to sign the backing board on things like the PAX and Core sets?
Is there a good sort of pen to offer when asking for this kind of thing that won't instantly rub off if applied to the face of the pin, even when putting it back into it's plastic bag?
I get that some of the pins would be very hard to sign directly, and i cite the Zombie Tycho and CTS as examples, but i'm thinking more for Sets and some of the actually rare pins. Getting each of the staff pins signed might also be a fun new challenge.
Odds are, those would be the sets i'd hold onto just because of the unique touch it would give them, but i'm also curious if this would affect the value of the pin. Can you imagine what an autographed DLC pin would go for?


  • QumadenQumaden World's Mightiest Mortal Registered User regular
    Mike and Jerry are awesome guys, they'll pretty much sign anything they can and do so happily, especially if it's a product with their brand on it. At their signings, they usually have an assortment of pens, but a fine tip sharpie would most likely be best. Getting the gloss on the pin itself may be tough to sign, but if you're careful with it for a while it should try just fine.

  • BrewtiConBrewtiCon Registered User regular
    Those sketch pins seem to be great pins to have signed (not my idea, heard it on the podcast). And I would assume that Mike and Jerry would sign pins because there was the already signed Sketch pins that you could win from the current Pinquisition contest, and cause they are cool cats.

    I would warn that if you get the little blue backings that he pins come on signed, though, you should be very wary of them touching anything else. I got the one from the skull fart pin signed and it took quite a while to dry and was still easy to wipe off after it did.

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  • MozleronMozleron WotC Build engineer Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    I must have missed the whole "Pinquisition" thing, but thanks for all the advice.

    So far, it seems like the best idea is to have the pin face signed with a Sharpie, and be very careful with it until it's fully dried, and even then, it could be fragile...

    It's kind of starting to sound like a real PITA, thus even more of an achievement to be able to get that sort of thing home properly in tact...

  • MozleronMozleron WotC Build engineer Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Follow-up on this thread.
    I went to today's (Friday) autograph session with my six sets of pins ranging from the PA core set through the Prime 2014 set. They didn't even bat an eye and signed next to each of their characters.

    I also got Katie Rice to sign hers for me, and i will try to get Scott to sign his, as well as Binwin's at some point during the next three days.

    So far, Sharpie ink has proven quite durable on pin backing card faces.

  • namdor_07namdor_07 Registered User regular
    I saw you at the signing today mozleron. You seem to have a number of pins. Do you happen to know if there is a how to list somewhere as opposed to the list that says where to get them? Sometimes they are free and other times they aren't so it would be nice to know before you get to a booth what to expect.


  • MozleronMozleron WotC Build engineer Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    namdor_07 wrote: »
    Do you happen to know if there is a how to list somewhere as opposed to the list that says where to get them? Sometimes they are free and other times they aren't so it would be nice to know before you get to a booth what to expect.

    Check the first post on the thread with this title:
    Pax Prime 3rd Party Cheat Sheet

    It's the best thread I've seen thus far to give you the info you seek.

  • namdor_07namdor_07 Registered User regular
    Thanks so much!

  • SerpicoBCSerpicoBC Registered User regular
    There was a non-official Cthulhu pin a couple years back that I had Kris Straub sign. It looks nice. That said, I don't think I'd have anyone sign a canon pin unless it is an extra.

  • teeketchteeketch MassachusettsRegistered User regular
    I actually have my sketch set signed by Mike and Jerry.

  • Manic2kManic2k Brotherhood of the Squirrel [AUS]Registered User regular
    I gotta say, the more I see signed pins the more I like the look of them~!

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  • KurpavKurpav Registered User regular
    I met Pat Rothfuss in the Expo hall a couple times. The second time I ended up trading for a Pipes pin on his lanyard. I went home and switched it out with the board of the one I bought earlier and then had him sign it later on Monday. So yes, I think it's awesome to have personalized collections. I don't know that I'd be willing to pay extra for a signed version though.

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