Thank you from the AbleGamers Charity

craigumscraigums AbleGamersColumbus,OhioRegistered User regular
Hello PAX Forums,

I just wanted to take a second to say thanks to all of you that stopped up at our booth in the Diversity Lounge. I always have a blast at PAX but this one stood out for me, we had a much quieter booth than what we have had at PAX East, and it allowed us to have a lot of great conversations with people from setting up streams, to what assistive technology would work, to what Pokemon is the cutest..
I know quit a few of the forumers stopped at the booth due to your badges, so hopefully some of you are reading this! We saw people wearing our shirts all over Seattle while we were out and about during the late night hours and even had a few people stop us randomly on the street to talk about what we do. It was an amazing time, I look forward to seeing you all at PAX East.

P.S The Enforcers were amazing as usual, having only 2 people at this con due to location it made things difficult, but we had Enforcers asking us if we needed anything from start to finish.

See you all at PAX East
My Twitter is @Craigums
I work with :The AbleGamers Charity


  • vidvid Hot Dog Wizard Registered User regular
    You guys had one of the friendliest booths in the expo, talking to the two of you was easily one of the highlights of the convention for me. Thanks for making time to talk shop with me and my team!

    Let me just get a beep boop on your PAX badge real quick!
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