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Wank's Sketchbook (NSFW)

WankWank Registered User regular
I used to love drawing when I was younger, took a class in college, and have recently rediscovered that it is something I super enjoy doing. And I want to be better.

So, I'm trying to set aside 1 hour per day to sketch instead of browsing the interwebs or staring into space. Making a thread will hopefully guilt me into keeping it up, and also hopefully let me benefit from some of the huge huge talent and art wisdom I have lurked long enough to witness around here.

For the moment I am doing figure drawing via pixelovely, starting with 30-second gestures and then getting into slightly more detailed ones.



  • WankWank Registered User regular
  • WankWank Registered User regular
    c-c-c-combo breaker, here's an elephant


  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    chico posted this in the tuts thread:

    Which is a very good commercial for watts, but its a good video for figure drawing. When you post figures, its a good idea to, at least for some, to post the reference. When you sit to really make something accurate, and post it with your reference on the forum you are going to get good feedback. Doing much simpler objects can help give us an idea of where you are, trying to do some of the simple studies in here: can give us something to work with.

    Some example threads with good crits in them:


    Remember to try not to work in a complete vacuum. Posting is a really awesome first step in getting some feedback, so push yourself to equip us with the knowledge to help you.

  • WankWank Registered User regular
    thanks so much for all these resources ! i watched proko videos like a fiend yesterday. as per suggestion, here is a drawing + the reference. will try to get through some of those shape exercises soon even though they look way less fun than figures


    derrick rose, why you dunkin a flat misshapen ball ? aren't you a professional ? can't you get someone to pump it properly for you ? ps. don't bust a knee at fiba, love you <3

  • m3nacem3nace Registered User regular
    edited September 2014
    Draw through the form! When I heard this advice the first time I felt like I hadn't taken enough drugs to understand what our teacher meant, but it's very easy. Just continue the line in one sweep through to the next plane where it continues. Take the nice curving line on the right of his chest and follow it all the way down to the end of his knee. Stuff like this really helps keeping the movement of the figure intact.

    Also, be bolder with the gestures. Drawing is just like writing in that you always start with the basic shapes and then add some slightly more complicated shapes and so on and so forth until you have a snowflake. Don't draw the small itty bitty things on the snowflake first, draw the pentagon (or whatever shape it has.) Get the gesture, add the details afterwards. A friend of mine does some amazingly simple gestures that work just as well on their own as if they had details on them, I think you'd benefit from doing stuff that is this bold. Check it out.

    m3nace on
  • WankWank Registered User regular
    those are some really awesome gestures, thanks for the link. i tried using more big, sweeping lines to get the groundwork in for this one.

    things i can see after posting it: dude's neck is too long, dude's back leg is drawn too far back, dude's front foot looks like it's facing back instead of forward, and girl's head is too high / small,

  • lyriumlyrium Registered User regular
    You're off to a good start, Wank!
    With your gestures here it looks like you are going for the contour drawing right from the start. It would probably help a lot for you to first draw a line of action that flows through the pose, to help establish in your mind the overall feeling of it right away. I think a good goal that helps me with gestures is focusing on getting down the feel of the pose while keeping things in pretty much the right proportion. So instead of drawing out the contour of one area at a time, get down general shapes and landmarks for the whole pose and work your way toward more specific info as you go, keeping the whole figure at roughly the same stage throughout. I know that video shows Watts drawing out specific things right away, but he's had decades of practice! Help yourself out a little by starting from big angles and shapes and working from there, always remembering that the feel of the pose is key.
    And really, this doesn't just apply to gestures. Starting your longer drawings the same way you start gestures only makes sense- you just give yourself a lot more time to keep refining it.
    Keep it up!

  • WankWank Registered User regular
    Thanks for the advice! And thanks for also being the kick in the ass that makes me update. I am now trying to do this line of action thing using one big curve (or two for the arms sometimes) instead of weak little S scribbles. Hope it shows through in these sketches.oytxkn5ze8ly.jpggz7ttpv9mcjs.jpg

    and reference for rope guy: jkzvgj2xafgu.jpg

  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    The back of his head is very flat.

    I will say that, while mastering the figure is a really good challenge on its own, there's a reason that students end up having to paint fruit and cups first, and that's because it gives you the basic building blocks of building form. Anatomy is difficult, but its even more so when you arent quite nailing cubes and spheres. My eye zones in on that basket ball you drew, you can turn that into an exercise on its own. Some still life drawing would be a really good thing to mix into your studies.

  • WankWank Registered User regular
    hey guys, i am back, finally, after not drawing for a really long time due to moving, going through a long bout of depression, and moving again.

    at this moment all i really, really want to be able to do is draw likenesses of people. can i learn to do that just by drawing a ton of people from life and photos? or will starting with fruit and cups accelerate the learning process to the degree i'd be dumb to just keep doing what i'm doing rather than getting back to the basics?



  • WankWank Registered User regular
    oh, here's proof that i have been trying to draw objects, too, not just entirely pooh-poohing @Iruka 's advice like a little shithead


  • tapeslingertapeslinger Space Unicorn Slush Ranger Social Justice Rebel ScumRegistered User regular
    drawing objects gives you an understanding of shape and volume that you won't get from only focusing on faces, so it is a good idea to incorporate still life into a habit of study.

    You have a decent handle on shape, in terms of outline, anyway, but you might want to also look at light and shadow as that's actually very important to likeness work. Your outlines are also a little on the heavy side with a lot of feathering going on. Nothing necessarily wrong with that but you might want to look at doing practical work on line confidence (practice using your elbow for strokes and so on: has some great exercises for that, vis a vis [yeah, I know, just what you wanted to hear, right? but likeness work relies on a solid underpinning of technique for best effect.])

    I'm not sure how representational your face drawings are in the most recent update, so I don't know how close you're getting, but you have a good understanding of the base construction there. Light and shade will help you to create even more lifelike images.

  • m3nacem3nace Registered User regular
    Yeh, keep drawing them objects, it'll make it easier for you to handle form. However at this point it's probably also worth looking into how faces are constructed, so that you can apply your sense of form to something tangible. A good place to start is prokotv's videos on constructing the face etc.

  • WankWank Registered User regular
    edited July 2015
    thanks guys, here are some faces, but more importantly, a bunch of lines drawn from the shoulder. here's a question for you: what kind of speed should i be drawing these lines with ? it was more satisfying to swoop them off quickly, and generally smoother, but should i be trying to do them slow but steady also ? EDIT: also goddamn i am bad at drawing straight lines

    Wank on
  • NightDragonNightDragon 6th Grade Username Registered User regular
    edited July 2015
    I'd suggest you focus on getting the lines/shapes accurate before worrying about the speed you're drawing the lines with. In a few of your older pieces it looks like you used sweeping curved lines when you didn't need to - probably because they were smooth and fun to do...but they didn't result in the most accurate lines.

    Don't be afraid to take your time! Speed comes from practice.

    NightDragon on
  • barcsbarcs ireland Registered User regular
    Wow, just reading the crits on this thread has been great! some really helpful stuff and its great to see it being taken on board! One thing i've noticed from the first post to the last is that you seem to have a good grasp of proportions on the figures, but your expressions are a little rough. looking forward to seeing you progress even more! really great thread here!

  • WankWank Registered User regular
    okay, back again ! i realize that it's possible i might not have the will-power to draw consistently, and that's okay... it is something i enjoy a lot, but maybe not something i love. when i do draw, though, i am going to do my darndest to improve, even if that means unfun things like drawing gourds. happy thanksgiving or whatever


    so, i'm actually hella proud that i did this (not OF this, i know it's not great) because i put on an hour-long playlist and made myself sit and keep working on it, long after i had lost interest in all gourds. discipline !

  • WankWank Registered User regular
    and here is a fun thing


    who did the original ? which is rad as hell. i'm sure i saved it off somebody's thread here on the forums, but now i can't find it

  • WankWank Registered User regular
    old people have great faces for drawing. next i will do a still life again, promisey1sd3ym4wqj0.jpg

  • WankWank Registered User regular
    edited October 2015
    what mad hubris made me think i could unravel the mysteries of this soft woolly hat and stick of Old Spice deodorant?


    this took an hour. tried very hard to see light and dark rather than getting distracted by the color changes and the text. tried to use shadow instead of lines but that kind of went out the window with the deodorant. no idea how to maneuver around all the minute details on the label. and the hat was super fucking hard. tried to make it look soft and thick.

    Wank on
  • NightDragonNightDragon 6th Grade Username Registered User regular
    That drawing looks super tiny. How big is it?

  • WankWank Registered User regular
    That drawing looks super tiny. How big is it?

    i feel like the answer you're looking for is "too damn small". i guess my hand can pretty much cover it with fingers spread. here's a face that's a little bigger, but i'm kind of restricted by the size of my paper, which is printer paperniflfggjbigg.jpg

  • ClearMadnessClearMadness CanadaRegistered User regular
    That elephant had me worried when i first saw it. :P Seriously though your art looks nice, especially that last face. It has a lot of detail.

    Author of the dark fantasy web serial The Iron Teeth. Read it if you love fantasy and goblins!
  • WankWank Registered User regular
    bought a big ass notebook and found some charcoal1vzxkvlui4bo.jpg

  • tynictynic PICNIC BADASS Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Oh hey, there's some nicely observed tones in that piece. You could go back in with a kneaded eraser to lift out some darks on the hair highlights, etc, and there's some proportion issues around his ear and neck - but overall I like this a lot, definite progress happening.

  • WankWank Registered User regular
    edited November 2015
    Thanks @tynic ! I see what you mean about the whole ear jaw neck issue. Here's something that looks okay until you see the reference. More difficult angle and working from a color photo. I want to try again using two values only. The photo of the photo makes them a lot clearer.q6o4r9wrvihc.jpg

    Okay, here is the two-tone experiment. I cheated and threw some lines it. It looks kind of cool? Kind of stylish.kd7dyidxmch1.jpg

    Wank on
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