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Hey guys

Last night my wife was able to get an original Wii (plus a load of accessories / games / Wii Fit+ board) for £40! Our 4 year old keeps looking at the Disney Infinity stuff in shops and could do with some basic advise before we shell out any money.

From what I see it looks like there is Infinity (Wii and WiiU) and Infinity 2.0 (WiiU only) - so I could grab the Infinity Starter pack and then any figures will work with the original unless they are specifically marked 2.0? Right?

Pretty easy question, but don't want a disappointed little boy when daddy gives him a toy that won't work lol


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    Right. However, the game itself is pretty poor. I have several friends with kids and they all dropped the game after a very small amount of time, especially quickly if they also owned Skylanders.

    And you can't use characters in levels not made for them, so no Elsa running around Monster University.

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