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Hey guys, just upgraded my rig and made some great headway on a CPU OC thanks to the folks in H/A (details in my sig). Question is, what is the difference between the SLI rendering modes? I know split frame gets the GPU's the both work on half of the same frame, and forcing an alternating frame render gets them to do one at a time each, but what separates alternating 1 & 2? Why is my 3DMark score SO INCREDIBLY different between a split frame render (7,600 ish) and and alternating frame render (12,000+)? Some light Googling suggested alternating frame rendering 2 as the best, but I have no idea what the reasoning is. Anyone have some insight? I'm just curious.

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    Split frame rendering is usually bad, AFR is much more efficient most of the time. The multiple rendering modes exist though because different games perform better with one mode over the other. You shouldn't ever mess with the setting though; always let the drivers apply their own sli profile because nvidia has tested pretty much every game ever and knows which one works better already.

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