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Large Group Accomdations

dunbrine47dunbrine47 Registered User new member
I was going to ask this earlier but wanted to spread out my topics. I'm planning to go to PAX East with a group of up to five people (including me). What I want to know is what are the recommended places to house 5 people (comfortably) in a single room/suite near the center?


  • BSGRushBSGRush Registered User regular
    I'd check Seems you could find something thru them for the size you need.

  • OrganichuOrganichu jacobkosh Registered User regular
    we really enjoy marriott custom house. it's a block from faneuil hall and a very pleasant 20 minute walk down the waterfront to the convention center. it's the huge building with the clocktower. it's around 350 a night but comfortably sleeps 5 (separate bedroom with a king bed, large pullout couch in the living room, complimentary cot).

  • rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
    honestly any room as long as you dont mind sharing a bed any room with 2 beds you will be just fine

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