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I've set up a PAX AUS PinnyPals WhatsApp group

fishfishmonkeyhatfishfishmonkeyhat Freelance Pin ManNewcastle, AustraliaRegistered User regular

WhatsApp allows group chat between users with the app using different brands of phone. I thought if anyone was interested it might be a good way to get PAX pin info out to everyone here as it happens on the show floor. Ayefkay and myself have been testing it out today:


I can add anyone interested now so they can test it out, or closer to the show if you like. But the max I can have in a group is 50, so think about it like a limited run pin!

You'll need to send me your mobile number (with international dialling code if you're visiting from overseas) so I can add you, but I'm the only one that will see it. I think the username it will show everyone is what I have you set as in my contacts (or maybe what you choose in the app? Not sure) so if you want your name shown as anything other than your forum name let me know.


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