My cat got her ears cleaned under gas anesthesia and she is not eating or drinking

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My cat has a history of lots of health issues in the past.

She got serious complications when she got neutered 3 years ago, when doctor injected her with antiallergic medicine she had immediate reaction to that too,got swollen and for 24 hours she could not lay down or relax, her heart was bitting fast and she was breathing fast. After trying out this and that, i don't know what exactly she was injected after that, she got fluids and finally after 4 days and 24 hours of nightmare she laid down and fall asleep. I have never seen a cat trying to sleep while sitting. She suffered a lot and doctor could not tell why that happened. Saying she got a reaction on anesthesia and its a rare case.
A year later i was paining an apartment and most likely she got the paint licked off and started coughing, i took her to the vet and they said she has kidney disease and slightly irritated lungs. She got fluids for 6 days and got better, even thought she gave no signs of illness apart from coughing. I had to vaccinate her so they without even telling me she can get a reaction on vaccine and knowing her situation still injected. She had absolutely similar case with the first one, vomiting and after antiallergic medication got swollen and had the same thing for almost 15hours. Fluids got her back again. Now please note that all this i can sum up now after putting things together, i was listening to vets and thought they know what they do.
She also has a sebaceous cyst on her back that again vets squeezed few times and the cyst got much bigger, it explodes, bleeds and then heals once in few month. Now she got most likely similar on her nose that she keeps scratching off accidentally.
I feed her with renal food and kidneys stay stable.
7 month ago she got ear infection, yeast. I tried to clean myself with prescribed medicine, put the drops but for 7 month it did not work well. So after a long discussion with a vet( already 4th clinic changed, this time international with a foreign vet, i live in china so it took me 4 years and putting my cat under the risk for multiple times to get to all this) he said we should gas anesthetize her in order to clean her ears and take blood test and so on. My cat is extremely wild and she really would not let anyone touch her. Knowing her sensitivity level i was very concerned using any types of anesthesia, the vet said that its safest and she will wake up right away.
She did wake up but since then which is 6th day already, my cat doesn't eat or drink, she lost hearing and lost her balance walking. When she came home she was shaking her head so bad that her year tips got full of blood under the skin, blood vessels exploded.
I was prescribed steroids but i was very worried that with kidney situation she will have side effect effecting kidneys. After a day i decided to change the clinic and we got her fluids over a night, but as the rare case of her being super sensitive her paw got extremely swollen because the bandage was too tight and we had to remove the fluids and i took her home. The next morning she went to her dry food and for the first time had a bit of it chewed and eaten. But that was yesterday morning and since then she had no food or water. She DOES have an appetite, she goes to her food, sits by the bowl and asks for it, but as soon as i show her a pack she bites the pack and avoids the food. I am so confused what is going on. I thought she had her throat damaged, then i thought the ear channel is swollen and that effects the eating, but now i think may be she lost sense of smell or taste? Its been 6 days already.
I force feed her with syringe and insert liquids and give her steroids -prednisone. Have read it can get them have no appetite. Vets say she might have inflammation of ear channel thats why she doesn't eat and steroid will get that down. Today i am going to the clinic to get sub fluids and learn how to inject that under her skin, stress puts her in worse situation so i rally need peoples advice or may be some one had similar situation.Please please reply me ASAP.


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    Listen to your Vet and tell them what you told us. Unless anyone here is a vet and has examined your cat there is little we can tell you. Loss of appetite is common in cats whenever a slew of things go wrong (from toothaches to renal failure). The range of potential issues is too much for a web forum to help you with.

    If you don't trust your vet get a second opinion.

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    I would go to a different vet as soon as you can and have them look over the cat. Something is seriously wrong with your cat, and the only thing the other vet can say is "I don't know." At best, they honestly doesn't know and another vet will know what to do. At worst, They're actively covering up a screw up on his end but there is no way to know without getting that second opinion.

    Personally, I'd never take any animal back to the vet that did this to my kitty, even if it was an honest mistake or fluke of biology.

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    Sometimes during illness, cats lose their sense of smell temporarily, which greatly affects their appetite. They will go up to the bowl and expect to sniff food and get nothing, and they get confused. There are other things that can affect appetite, like if the cat has dental problems (teeth hurt, so they don't eat) or just chronic pain in general. Sometimes, a small amount of cat-approved painkillers can get them to eat.

    The fluid thing sucks, but having been on a steady subcutaneous fluid regimen every other day for the past two years, I can tell you that there are worse things that can happen for a cat. Our cat who requires fluid support absolutely hates fluid day, but it keeps her happy and healthy otherwise.

    Steroids generally increase appetite rather than decreasing it. Your cat may react differently, however, depending on his/her particular illness.

    You want to keep your cat's calories up. One thing that worked for our cats is Chicken Baby Food (or whatever meat product they like). They lick it right off of our fingers or off of small spoons. You may need to "prime" them by dabbing a tiny bit on their lips so they will lick it off, and once they recognize that it is yummy food, they will eat it. Other things including chopping up bits of grilled chicken strips (the kind that go on Caesar salads and the like) into tiny pieces (I usually just pull them apart with my fingers) and feeding that to the cat. Try a large variety of foods (human and cat food), and see if the cat will eat them.

    It sounds like you've already done a lot of vet shopping. I don't know what it's like where you live, but in California it's generally better to find a vet that you like and stick to them. I realize that things may be different based on your cultural situation, though.

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