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Super Sea Star - Become the sea star reincarnation of the Terminator!

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“Super Sea Star” is an upcoming arcade game for PC, Mac, Android and iOS. They've announced a demo alongside the Kickstarter campaign.

Meissa the sea star, is in love with the night skies and dreams of becoming a real star in the sky. She needs your help to embark on her journey to the space!

You play as a starfish who tries to travel to the space and become a real star in the sky! Miessa the starfish, starts her journey as a typical starfish with one key difference. She is fascinated with the night sky and dreams of traveling to the outer space to become a real star. As she progresses in her journey through the different levels, she faces many challenges and enemies. She has to fight for her survival at each level using new fighting techniques and weapons.

- Gameplay: Top down arcade combined with action elements like firing weapons and hack ‘n slash.
- Heroes: three playable characters (representing Meissa in different stages of her journey) each with unique fighting techniques
- Boss battles: Two serious battles in every chapter.
- Art Style: Charming 2D vector art and animations.
- Depth: 63 levels, 21 enemy types, illustrations for story, various weapons and combos.


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    Hi folks,
    I'm the dev and I'd love it if you try the demo and give me some feedback,

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