Graphics card/PSU question.

I'm looking for a new card to get myself up to PS4/XBone game standards, but I'm on a budget, and don't really want to go over £200 without a good reason.
I think most of my box is up to speed; 3.40 Ghz i7 CPU (which I'm not changing) and 25gig of RAM, but my card's a GeForce 660 and it's been dragging me down on games that haven't had last-gen releases. AC:Unity is jumping up and down on it at the moment, and while I know it's not had the greatest optimization, I doubt that DA: Inquisition and Arkham Knight are going to be much kinder to it.

I'm thinking of getting this: Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU II. Decent reviews, and the price is about where I want it. (If anyone has other suggestions, please let me know)

My main question is about PSUs. I checked inside my PC, and it's got the connectors I need (two six-pin, plus the adaptor to 8-pin that comes with the card), but it's a 430w PSU.
The reading I've done on the card suggests a 550w PSU. Is it likely to screw my computer up if I try to use my existing PSU, or do I need to budget for a new one?
And if it's the latter, any suggestions? I'd like something quiet if possible, but I'm worried that might push me too far past my leftover £50 budget.

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    TL:DR - Take the PSU money and buy a 970.
    EDIT: Though this recommendation is submitted with no knowledge of your local pricing. Pricing has been very competitive on 9 series cards in North America, but I have no idea on your regional equivalent.

    We've been discussing GPU options ad nauseum in the computer build thread, but the general consensus is if you'll be better suited with a 970 than anything in the 7 series bracket.

    This works two fold for your second question, as the new architecture for the 9 series cards is more efficient than a 7 series.

    You aren't likely to "screw your computer", but you may run into issues that come from under powering, most likely is system instability under load. Try a free wattage calculator to see roughly what you'll be needing.

    I took a stab at what I THOUGHT you might be running, and your current PSU should work with a 760, and it will be even better with a 970. Let us know your decision in the build thread!

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  • tsmvengytsmvengy Registered User regular
    I would suggest the R9 280, R9 290, or GTX 970, depending on how much you want to spend. If you get the 290 you might want a bigger PSU.

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    I would say that the 760 wouldn't be worth buying over a 660. Not enough of a performance gap to merit the purchase price.

    I will put a vote in for a GTX 970, it is a lot more money however, and I would still get a new PSU

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