Penny Arcade Adventures on XBOX live?



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    I think if our two Stormys would post in this thread we'd have everyone with a Sealab Avatar covered


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    Xaquin wrote: »
    I think if our two Stormys would post in this thread we'd have everyone with a Sealab Avatar covered


    lol true, but I only have the Sparks one, BIZARRO !! BIZARRO !

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    "i ate your babies princess."
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    My main reason for wanting a psychical copy of a game as opposed to just a download is this. Game companies come and go all the time. So let's say 5-10 years down the line I want to play PAA again and I no longer have that PC or the 360 I had died and I ordered me up a new one on E-bay. If the distributor is no longer there how do I download and play the game I paid for? (BTW I am not wishing anything bad on hothead and I hope you guys are around for along time to come)

    Like I said It would be nice to have the option to pay an Extra $5-$10 to have the game on a disc. A company should be able take disc orders than have a small press run done of them. Hell I'd even wait an extra 4-8 weeks to get it if it means I have a hard copy in my hand.

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    Well, considering XBLA is the distributor for the 360, and Microsoft has never shut down anything ever on Live (the only things ever taken down are when other companies manage the content, like EA or Sega), you can rest assured it will be there as long as Microsoft is around. They still support old-assed WebTV, the original Live Arcade for the xbox 1 still has a full range of downloads, etc. etc.

    I suspect that you would never lose the ability to play it if you go that route.

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    Let's play Mario Kart or something...
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    Einhander wrote: »
    That hurt to read.

    I can assume with relative assurance that when it comes to this game, my P3 500MHz with 384MB RAM and a 16MB Ati Rage II won't cut it, but my brand new 360 Elite should run the game just fine. And I'll be able to play it on my comfortable chair as well, instead of my slightly less comfortable desk chair.

    This is good for me, because I wouldn't be able to play the game if it was PC only.

    And I guess it'll be nice for the people who like achievements, too.
    Achievement: "The Tube is civilization!" - Successfully bludgeon 20 enemies to death wielding the Cardboard Tube to unlock this achievement.

    is there an achievement for ONLY using the tube?

    because that will pretty much be my only weapon


    welcome to shovels in DoD

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    I just made that up.

    I hope there is a Tube-related achievement. Or maybe the Testikill achievement from the comic.

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