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    Fight G

    1: Spider-Man - Webbing, spidey senses, lots of heart, etc. Bottom line he's the man to beat in this fight.
    2: Rogue - What -can't- she do? Well if she can't do it she can absorb it from the other guy and then do it.
    3: Constantine - He seems like the resourceful type, I doubt he can really put anyone else down but I bet he can find a way to stick it out longer than one might expect via magic,mind control and his own personal charm.
    4:Deadpool - I like Wade alot but he is a very visable threat and will most likely draw fire from at least one (if not all three) of the others and will be the first to fall.

    Fight H

    1: Cable - Forcefields that can protect him from insane amounts of damage,guns,guns,guns,TK like abilities via his tech,and his most potent weapon: the infonet. If it's possible for Hulk to be beaten (or at least come in 2nd) Cable will be the one to do it.
    2: Hulk - True he isn't a drooling retard sitting in the corner but he isn't exactly subtle with his tactics. He gets through this fight thanks to his strength and HULK SMASH attitude.
    3: Ambrose - I wanted to give him 2nd place but he's fighting the fucking hulk and Cable! His ability to warp physics is very handy but in the end superior firepower and offensive capability keep him from advancing.
    4: Bigby Wolf - He's crafty, powerful and resourceful but not unlike Ambrose he can't keep up with Cable and Hulk. Plus I feel theres a very good chance the others will make Bigby target #1 if he has the vorpal sword.

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    Fight G

    1: Deadpool (Regeneration and teleportation means he could stay in quite a long time, and no one this match could shrug off being shot.)
    2: Rogue (Flight, firepower, and experiance would give her an advantage, but Deadpool would take a long time to burn. Longer than she could survive, likely.)
    3: Spider-Man (This version isn't experianced and has known weaknesses. Against pretty much anbody but Constantine, he'd be dead last.)
    4: John Constantine (As cool as Hellblazer is, he's got no buisiness in this fight.)

    Fight H

    1: Bigby Wolf (More experianced than anybody involved, stealthy, and capible of causing a lot of damage. The Vorpal Sword could take out anybody here, as could being blown out of the arena.)
    2: The Hulk (The strongest and toughest person in this fight, but Bigby would probably outmanouver him.)
    3: Ambrose Chase (Very difficult to hurt, and he's got experiance and ways to fuck with people.)
    4: Cable (Against people who aren't ridiculously tough and stealthy, he'd do well. As it is, he's pretty much screwed.)

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    Fight G

    Spider-Man - Clever, fast, experienced and strong.
    Rogue - Really powerful, even if I don't like her new abilities, plus very likely to team with Spidey.
    Deadpool - Essentially fighting a two on one here. He can easily be knocked out by Rogue and Spidey. Plus, fuck Rob Liefeld.
    Constantine - No prep time = neuter

    Fight H

    Hulk - So freaking powerful that the entire Civil War wouldn't work with him on Earth. Plus he's not retarded.
    Bigby - The two heaviest hitters are very far above the rest.
    Ambrose Chase - Cool as shit powers buy him plenty of time, but he's outclassed here. Can't hurt Hulk and Bigby blows him away.
    Cable - Fuck Rob Liefeld. His shins break.

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    ROGUE --------------- 125
    SPIDER-MAN ---------- 91
    DEADPOOL ------------ 74
    CONSTANTINE --------- -33
    HULK ---------------- 148
    BIGBY WOLF ---------- 52
    CABLE --------------- 45
    AMBROSE CHASE ------- 5


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