Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Fweep

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imageCamp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Fweep


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  • MagnAxiomMagnAxiom Registered User regular
    First? Any possibility Fweep being close to a Tweet? :-)

  • shark jacobsshark jacobs Registered User regular
    fighting with sticks is best kid activity

  • DecitronDecitron Registered User regular
    I know that face. Malachi is about to do something AWESOME.

  • darius404darius404 Registered User regular
    "No napping without a buddy!"

    This is the sort of quote that merchandise is made for.

  • MuffinsMuffins Registered User regular

  • cubbylostboycubbylostboy Registered User regular
    Geeze, since when is using Brian as a flotation device dangerous? Don't tell me it's that whole eating while swimming thing. Yes, Malachi is about to come up with something awesome to do with that whistle.

  • AriWerdAriWerd Registered User regular
    What do you suppose is the objection to Malachi putting his socks on? Or perhaps Colin is just a creeper?

  • masteroatsmasteroats Registered User new member
    Whew, for a second there I couldn't find the cat.

  • SpaffySpaffy Fuck the Zero Registered User regular
    I love this art.

    Steam: adamjnet
  • Spman2099Spman2099 Registered User regular
    At first I feared that the cat may be the drumsticks...

  • MortirothMortiroth Registered User regular
    Hahaha, this is great!! You really capture something special about being a kid; the first panel reminds me so much of me and my bro when we were kids :)

    Awwww, and Seventeen cooking a sock!! Hahaha! <3


    The Misadventures of a very Metal Kitty!
  • HyjeauqHyjeauq Registered User new member
    I think "No napping without a buddy" needs to get put on a shirt too.

  • Peter EbelPeter Ebel CopenhagenRegistered User regular
    Man, Camp Comic is stupendous.

    Fuck off and die.
  • KakulukiaKakulukia Registered User regular
    In theaters this Christmas Day.

  • Justin138Justin138 HartsvilleRegistered User regular
    Cant wait to see how many kids are there.

  • Hawk1966Hawk1966 Leiche Central FloridaRegistered User regular
    Wait... where'd the adult come from?!

  • ReiskaReiska Registered User regular
    Remember... all the rules are only for your safety.

  • The oneThe one Registered User regular
    I really like that last panel.

  • kitsuyeikitsuyei Registered User new member
    I found the cat, but on a more serious note, why has no one said anything about Seventeen roasting a solitary sock in panel five?

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