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[One Night Ultimate Werewolf]



  • ecco the dolphinecco the dolphin Registered User regular
    edited January 2015
    Well, we're out grocery shopping/getting rid of a growing wasp's nest today - but if someone else wants to run a game at roughly the same time, they're most welcome to! =)

    You can switch it down to 5 minutes - see how that affects things, and maybe slip in the Minion role.

    Edit: I've added the minion and doppelganger role descriptions to the OP

    ecco the dolphin on
    Penny Arcade Developers at
  • MrBlarneyMrBlarney Registered User regular
    If you'll humor the digression, one thing I like about One Night Werewolf is that it goes a fair way towards distilling down the overarching mechanic in Mafia and Werewolf of "role deduction" to its core. Maybe it's a bit too random, but it succeeds at its purpose to a well-enough extent. It's part of why I've had an interest in the growing field of Japanese-style minimalist micro-gaming design, where you get a surprising amount out of a small number of materials. I suppose the only games I've played in this space are Love Letter and Kobayakawa, which is a small sample, but it's a fascinating game design area.

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