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Name that book!!

Arson WellesArson Welles Registered User regular
This has been driving me crazy.

I can't remember the name of a fantasy series I read about 20 years ago.

Google is yielding me nothing, though I can't really get a good search going, as the keywords are kind of vague.

So it was a series that revolved around one guy, who is from a really poor, gross part of this magical kingdom. He is a descendant of some great hero, and so everyone thinks he is going to be able to save the day. He has a friend that is a wizard, but also seems to be some sort of ninja. He is dating some rich guys daughter, who is a twin, and it later comes out that he was dating both of them, but didn't know they were switching it up. He has a ring (I think) that lets him speak with squirrels, but not command them. Just talk to them.

It's a humorous book, almost spoofing fantasy. They sorta break the 4th wall sometimes, talking about cliches that should happen in the series.

I know in one of the later books, he has to pose as a pirate. I think one of the books focus on hell gates or portals, or something like that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I really want to re-read these.

It is not a Discworld book either.


  • Arson WellesArson Welles Registered User regular
    Annnnnnd I was actually able to figure it out.

    It's the Jason Cosmo series by Dan McGirt if anyone is interested.

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