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Millions of Monsters (ipad) - a free online rpg

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Millions of Monsters is now available on the app store for the ipad platform.

The game is an online RPG where players can engage in various activities such as an adventure mode, dungeons, crafting, pvp, coop and even creating their own monsters for other players to fight.

App store :
Website :

The monster creation aspect is pretty unique. While playing, players can earn eggs, which range in power and rarity (rare, epic, legendaries). There are other types of items used to further customize their monsters : Attributes and Phase cards. An attribute card will grant an attribute to the monster (ex : Extra Strong, Assassin, Vampiric etc..). A phase card will grant the monster an extra "phase" which will spawn adds to aid him in battle.
Some legendaries monsters have up to 5 attribute slots and 3 phases. Furthermore, players also have the ability to upload their own monster art in the game (but the game also provides over 100 base images anyone can use for creation)


Any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated!

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