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[Let's Punch!] Streets of Rage 2!

HtownHtown Registered User regular
edited October 2007 in Games and Technology
Aww, yeah.


I'm jumping on the Let's Play Bandwagon with a set of videos for Streets of Rage 2. (I tried to sell it to PBS as a documentary, but they said it was stupid and grossly inaccurate.) It's one of those games where your goal is to walk to the right and punch people in the face. A lot.

It's really, really fun and it has fantastic music, so this should be a fun ride.

I also happen to kinda suck at it, and my commentary isn't exactly up to MST3k standards, so it's not gonna be that fun...


I'm also going to be relying on you guys to let me know how much I suck (hint: tons) and give me some gameplay tips.

(That guy with the Viewtiful Joe avatar is TOTALLY gonna stab me in the eye for my suckage. If I disappear, call the cops.)

Anyway, I got nothin' else to say. Let's Punch some dudes.

Show You My Moves!

Worst. Let's Play. Ever.

Oh yeah. And I did get mod approval for this thread though I forgot to mention it before. I suggest you do the same if you have similar aspirations. And by "aspiration", I mean "willingness to show the world how much you suck."

Htown on


  • CouscousCouscous Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Did you get mod permission?

    Couscous on
  • TeeManTeeMan BrainSpoon Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    I highly approve of this thread :D

    Finished SoR1 with my bro on co-op while having beers with my bro on the weekend, sooo much fun! Ending was predictably terrible, but hey I didn't even know why we were wasting these hundreds of guys anyway :P

    Now to find a cheap version of God Hand...

    TeeMan on
  • HtownHtown Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Titmouse wrote: »
    Did you get mod permission?

    Yeah, though I forgot to put that I did in the OP.


    Htown on
  • EstocEstoc Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    Hehe, I remember playing this a lot back when it came out. I almost always played Max, because what's not to like a about a large Mexican wrestler whose signature move is a jumping back breaker. Which hurts a fuckton. It's a same he wasn't in Streets of Rage 3 (though he does make a cameo appearance in the ending).

    When it comes to playing the game, you're not bad, just ok. I am gonna ask what the tire threads of the those motorcycles in stage 2 tasted like though, since you totally got your recommended daily dose of rubber to the face. Oh, and I think it's holding up+C (the jump button) to land on your feet when you get thrown. And try to use a katana on Bear when you get to him. :P

    What difficulty are you playing on, anyways?

    Estoc on
  • HtownHtown Registered User regular
    edited October 2007
    I haven't messed with the difficulty settings at all, so normal.

    Up and jump, eh?

    Htown on
  • Milquetoast ThugMilquetoast Thug Registered User
    edited October 2007
    who are you playing as?

    ok, some pointers:

    all character a have a badass move they can use by performing forward, forward + (B). Axle's is the best, (BAR-E-NUCKLE!!) though, you can basically use it to spam to victory on the harder difficulties.

    special attack (A) without any movement gives you inviciblity frames... and it doesn't drain health unless you hit someone with it, so you can spam it to avoid damage from undodgeable attacks. special attack + fprward is a more agressive option, and does tons of damage... but it will always drain health. Max probably has the best aggressive special attack, it will do absurd damage to blacking enemies.

    holding jump (C) then hitting (B) will make you attack people behind you. Not too useful, but neat.

    jumping and hitting down + (B) lets you do an aerial attack that doesn't knockdown, allowing you to jump in, stun an enemy and promptly throw them.

    While we're on the topic... when grappling, (which you do by walking into people) either down or up + (C) I don't remember which) will make you switch sides with the opponent, so you can use your more damaging grapples. only exception is max, who will jump with his opponent in tow if you try this. with an enemy in tow, you can hit attack mid jump to do a nasty-ass SPD-style attack.

    I think you can throw weapons by holding B and then hitting C... or maybe it's the other way around. mess around with this and let me know.

    when thrown by an enemy, hold (C) and you will take NO damage. The only exception is when an enemy uses a "slam" throw on you (note that one of the final bosses in the game knows this trick as well, and uses it constantly)

    skate can dash with Forward, Forward. Too bad he's the worse character in the game, hands down.

    Milquetoast Thug on
    Weaver wrote: »
    When I was in boot to become an infantryman, on our one two-day off-base pass me and another guy went to see Private Ryan in theaters as it had just come out and during the opening scene we're all HOLY FUCK WHAT DID WE GET OURSELVES IN TO
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