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Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Go



  • SargeSarge Registered User regular
    Well, now their doomed... unless Tanner goes and finds Purdy and brings her back to shoot the mountain lion. Or there's a secret special emergency mcguffin that the camp councilors have been holding back until now for some reason.

  • SIXytSIXyt Esq STLRegistered User regular
    I hope high jinks ensue, they get the crate, and it's food lion circulars

  • dovidlangdovidlang Registered User new member
    People keep saying get Purdy so she can shoot it... but her gun was a bb gun which would probably just enrage the lion, and it was turned into kindling, was it not?

    I love that last panel! The nose on the left is Hilarious!

  • TutorAvanTutorAvan Registered User new member
    edited September 2014
    Hi Katie. I don't really like PA that much, but I created an account here just to say that this comic is pretty great. Keep up being awesome and even if I'm late I hope you had a Happy Birthday!

    Also I hope we get to see more characterization of the girl with the thick eyebrows.

    TutorAvan on
  • KverKver Registered User regular
    Days later and I still giggled like an idiot when I came back to this strip.

  • RaycuRaycu Registered User new member
    The cat is in panel 11 if you would like a hint.

  • Talyn RahlTalyn Rahl Registered User regular
    Hahaha oh man another classic. I was already kinda chuckling at 'Nyeh!" then I started laughing at Tanner just heading off into the sunset, then I full on lost my shit at that last panel. Love looking at all the different experessions of shock. Perfect.

  • AlexxAlexx Registered User regular
    T....Tanner was the fastest.

  • OreoOreo Registered User regular
    I'm betting it's not food. The obscured crate is probably something else, say footballs? Also, @Dovidlang did a great job pointing out why Purdy wouldn't be any good. Brian smashed her gun.

  • bebarcebebarce Registered User regular
    Ah, but Oreo, there is more than one way to skin a cat. OH GOD I finally used that properly!

  • cmgreenecmgreene Registered User regular
    edited September 2014
    So good.

    Also the last panel would make a great framed picture.

    cmgreene on
  • Guardianknight85Guardianknight85 Registered User regular
    edited September 2014
    SIXyt wrote: »
    I hope high jinks ensue, they get the crate, and it's food lion circulars

    I think this is brilliant just because I'm not the only one who remembers Food Lion. I'm kind of hoping that's what they are now.

    Also, if the previous comic is any indication, that mountain lion is in for a tough time if it actually eats the imitation sardines...

    Guardianknight85 on
  • ReplicanttenReplicantten Registered User regular

    This might be the last place I was expecting to see a Manowar reference.

    Maybe those recognizing such reference are not too common here either. :smile:

  • davidhbrowndavidhbrown Registered User regular
    SowZ37 wrote: »
    Were this my comic, one of these days I just wouldn't put a kitty in. Just for one comic. Then I'd make a sock puppet and say, "Wow, hardest kitty yet!"

    ...and then, since you're the comic author, come back a day or two later and update the comic to actually include a kitty and make all the feral feline finders wonder how they could possibly have missed it.

    Hmm... or perhaps Katie already done this. >:) Is there a RSS feed on the images?

  • CardboardPizzasCardboardPizzas Registered User regular
    Best reaction is either Malachi, Colin or the tall girl above Seventeen.

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