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Unofficial Pinny Arcade Mobile App for PAX East 2015!

pvp_pandapvp_panda Registered User regular
Hi Everyone!

Excited to announce an update to the Pinny Arcade guide on the guidebook mobile app. 2015 PAX East pins have been loaded! This is the Pin Quest tool for those of you like me who love checklists but have trouble using paper and pen.

If you've already downloaded Guidebook for use at PAX East 2015, then you're already familiar with this process. If not, here are the relevant links.

Mobile Web for Windows and BB:

You can click on "Download Guide" and use the search bar to search for "Pinny Arcade", alternatively you can input the redeem code "pinnyarcade" to download direct.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like on iOS

More screenshots at

Looking forward to any feedback on this and hope this aids all of you on your PAX East 2015 Pin Quest!



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