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PAX iCalendar schedule creator

iFishiFish ProgrammerCanadaRegistered User regular
edited March 2014 in PAX General Discussion

So I made a tool that allows you to turn the PAX schedule(for whatever the current event is, I'm going to keep this updated) into an iCalendar file which you can import into whatever calendar program you use.
You can import every event with one click or you can customize your own personal schedule.

It's really helpful if you dislike the Guidebook application or just use Google Calendar / any other calendar program and would rather just use that than Guidebook just for a schedule.

I'd love to get some feedback on this.

You can find the tool here:
(If somebody already posted this I'm sorry because I don't use the forums very often)


zerzhul on


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    This is a solid tool. It uses the same schedule XML as guidebook uses so it should usually be as up to date as guidebook is. Sometimes that will lag slightly behind the main pax website, but they sync up eventually. I love guidebook but this is a good alternative to use to be able to put things in whatever format you want since icalendar is an open format.

  • iFishiFish Programmer CanadaRegistered User regular
    Hey! PAX East 2014 is over an I wanted to lay some official statistics down. We got about 2K views and I'm not really sure how many of those were actual users, but it's my biggest product nonetheless!

    So I wanted to thank you guys for taking the time to view and use this if you did! Also I'll be keeping it updated for whichever PAX is next when that time comes.


  • iFishiFish Programmer CanadaRegistered User regular

    So PAX Prime 2014's almost upon us and that means it's time for a new, updated, and all around better tool!

    So, you might say "But Geoff, nothing visually has changed aside from the events" well that's where you're wrong!

    So, Mark and I changed the way we handle dates and times. Before we had to hardcode the start/end date of PAX, which made handling Prime weird because it's four days compared to 3(needed more exceptions in the code) but we requested that Dave(Pretty much the guy at PA that handles most PAX-related things) add UNIX time stamps to the XML, so now every time a new PAX rolls by, all we have to do it update the timezone so we can display times properly and then we're good!

    I would call this version 2.0 if the changes had a visual overhaul too, but I'm still pretty happy with my design.

    I'm working on getting PAX Dev support right now, too. So if anybody's going to that, I'll have you guys covered too(hopefully).

    Again, here's the link:

  • iFishiFish Programmer CanadaRegistered User regular
    We now support PAX Dev and multiple events in a cycle!

    Some stuff(like caching) is broken right now, and you can't filter for PAX Dev yet because we didn't implement Wednesday / Thursday stuff, but the bare stuff is functional!

    Again, here's the link(x2):

  • iFishiFish Programmer CanadaRegistered User regular
    Updated to support PAX Australia!

  • juliavasa5juliavasa5 Registered User new member
    This is the hardest question to answer for this city. Melbourne is known for being the city of "four seasons in one day". Upon leaving your hotel in mild sunny weather you will experience oppressive heat, icy hailstorms, flash flooding and tornado-like winds. All before you even get to your destination. PAXAus will be taking place during Melbourne's spring, which is not too bad, Melbourne spring is roughly equivalent to Seattle summer, average of 18C-30C (64F-86F) temperatures, chance of rain, hail, drought, cyclonic winds, scorching heat and a pleasant sunshower. General Melbourne rule of thumb is wear layers that you can remove when it gets warm but add when it cools down at night.

  • iFishiFish Programmer CanadaRegistered User regular
    edited January 2015
    Hey! is back online JUST IN TIME FOR PAX SOUTH!

    Also we added support for PAX South back in the PAX Australia update but finally enabled it!

    Sorry for the downtime! We had to move servers and fix up for code, but other than that, we're back in action boys and girls.

    Also spoilers: We have support for PAX East 2015 too but just gotta flip a switch when the schedule goes live

    iFish on
  • iFishiFish Programmer CanadaRegistered User regular

    Apparently this tool broke 6 months ago and I didn't notice. I won't explain why in this post, but moral of the story: don't hire me for QA.

    But with PAX East around the corner, and me finally having time to fix it, I fixed it! I say "I" and "me" but I really mean my friend and I. Us, we, etc.

    So now it should work for everything and anything.

    If you're interested why:

    As always: you can find it here:

    I apologize to anyone who used the tool for South or Australia because all the events would've been fucked!

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