What to do in Houston

vhannroyvhannroy Registered User regular
I am going to be in Houston for 2 days next week and an looking for activities that I can do that I can use public transportation to get to. I will be staying near the airport.

Also I am looking for a good local micro brewery I can visit as well as a place to get some ribs.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


  • DjeetDjeet Registered User regular
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    Houston has 2 airports, Hobby which is southeast and IAH (George Bush Intercontinental) which is north. Cannot help you much on suggestions but given that it is a massive city you'll probably want to indicate which one you'll be at so someone else can chime in. Last time I went I thought the metro rail was pretty great, but I was downtown.

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  • vhannroyvhannroy Registered User regular
    Thanks you the heads up on that. I will be near IAH

  • JeanJean Papa bear Gatineau, QuébecRegistered User regular
    Houston Space Centre is a must see if you're even slightly into space travel. I imagine it would be a pain to get they're using public transit tough... but it would be worth the effort!

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