Weather Issues - Unable to Attend

willlin87willlin87 Registered User new member
My flight from Baltimore was cancelled, and I can't get any replacement flights from any airline for today (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday). Since I've only got Friday and Sunday passes, it's wasn't worth it for me to only come for Sunday.

I do have a friend who doesn't have passes and lives in Boston who would love to attend though. Is there a way that I could transfer the passes to him even though I can't physically get them to him? I've already refunded my flight and hotel, and I've already accepted the pass price as a sunk cost/donation to PAX. I would hate the passes to go to waste, and I have a pair of both Friday and Sunday passes.


  • TentacleLoveGoddessTentacleLoveGoddess Registered User new member
    Eek, weather has really been a downer for a lot of folks so far this year! (My twitter feed was blowing up all day today.) I'm doubt they have anything in place for transfers like that though. :(

    It's a little too late for the Friday tickets, but you could always use a flat-rate overnight envelope with USPS (~$18) for the Sunday passes. Sent out tomorrow, they'd get there on Saturday. :D

    I hope that's a little bit helpful at least!

  • OfficeZombieOfficeZombie Registered User regular
    I wasn't even really impacted by weather, my flight was cancelled for mechanical reasons and then all the other flights were cancelled because of weather. I too had to cancel all my plans because it didn't make sense getting in at like 7pm tomorrow at the earliest. I'm totally bummed out

  • VGVideoGalaxyVGVideoGalaxy Northern VirginiaRegistered User regular
    I'm in the same boat, all flights out of Washington-Dulles are cancelled as well.

  • bostonianbostonian Registered User new member
    If you can fly into Manchester, NH it is only about an hour drive south on Rt. 93 to Boston. They did not get any snow there from yesterday's storm. They also have some shuttle service between airports. Check out

  • LexiconGrrlLexiconGrrl Registered User regular
    What about taking the train instead?

    Happily on Sabbatical. Don't bug me.
  • OfficeZombieOfficeZombie Registered User regular
    For me the train was going to cost $200 and I'd have lost the entire friday (wouldn't arrive until 10pm) + 1 night at my hotel and still have to pay for a hotel in Buffalo for Thursday as the train wasn't until this morning. It was just too much extra money to spend, it was already going to be a tight trip for me with how bad the Canadian dollar is right now.

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