Transferring Programs to a new PC

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Hello gang. My girlfriend recently got herself set up with a brand spanking new Surface Pro 3 and loves it, but we need to move some stuff from her old laptop onto it. One of the things is the copy of Adobe Illistrator CS6 that Adobe accidently gave away for free awhile ago, as far as I know you can't get it anymore so redownloading it isn't really an option. I've done full system and program transfers before in XP and Vista, but this will be a first in 8 for me. Her laptop has 8 standard and the Pro has 8.1 on it. Any advice on how to do this right.


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    You'll have to poke around on Google a bit. I'm not sure if there is an easy way to make this transfer. She should have gotten some sort of key for CS6, even if she got it for free. She should be able to use the installer from Adobe and input that key to enable everything.

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    As far as I can tell she seems to have lost her user info for it. Is there a way to just buy a new copy of this crap without shelling out either $20 a month forever or dropping $500 on an old version? I can't seem to find any other pricing but I would even spend some cash on the student version of freaking CS6 just to be done with this crap

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    A lot of times you can find the key registered to the installed copy. Sometimes it's under Help->About or Help->License or whatever. Might take a look there.

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    Considering she wouldn't use it much anyway (if the program didn't get moved), you could always contact Adobe and see if they can help move the program. It's not like you're using a cracked/hacked copy, so they should be willing to help out.

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