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Hi all,

I've been on the site a long time but never joined the forum. I'm making it my goal in life to get to PAX haha. I live in california so I've never looked too seriously at it, and now information's all over the place so im hoping I can figure things out here

1) When do sign ups usually start?

2) Can I get three, single day passes? or do you have to get the 4-day pass to get multiple days? (It'd be cool to spend a day visiting around seattle itself too)

3) Is it REALLY difficult to get a pass? I've gone to comic con so I know how it generally works for big conventions

I appreciate it


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    1) by sign ups I assume you mean badge sales. Usually sometime after PAX East.

    2) PAX Prime is 4 days. As of this past year, you could either get a 4-day pass, or you could get single day passes for each of the 4 days. Both ways work to be there all 4 days. It's cheaper to get single day passes if you'll be there less than 4 days, and 4-day passes are the first to sell out anyhow

    3) depends on how you define difficult.

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    awesome info man. the spreadsheet is great. thanks : )

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    It's really random on if you get passes, I was able to get all 4 days on a phone while driving through central California and then stopping at a McDonald's to use their wifi, a roomshare acquaintance of mine was at his work desktop with a land line on the east coast and didn't make the cut, had to buy them off a friend of his.

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    1. Sign ups/Registration usually starts sometime in April or May, a few weeks after PAX East has ended. So in other words, keep Twitter open (they announce badge sales on their twitter) and constantly check the site during those months. It's tedious, but it pays off in the end lol.

    2. Yup! You can buy a pass for each individual day you'd like to attend or go with a 4 day to use all days of the event (that is, if you can get a hold of one, they sell out the fastest of all badge types).

    3. The hardest part is getting them before they're sold out. Just keep your eyes peeled constantly. The past couple of years they've had a virtual queue system you have to wait in prior to actually being able to purchase that badges. It can take a while to get through, but if you make it into the queue odds are you'll be able to buy a badge. Though, it's not guaranteed.

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