Can't Focus Sketchbook [NSFW]

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Hello fellow humans i resolved to start a sketch book thread with my stuff in this awesome forum. If i have one goal is too stop being so lazy and i guess to eventually realize a portfolio.

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    Welcome to the AC!

    What are you trying to build a portfolio for? Illustration? Concept Art? It would be helpful to know if you want crits/direction.

    The abstraction you have going on in the face is pretty interesting, I'd be curious to see it applied to something more finished.

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    Thank you Iruka. this may seem stupid but i don't know how to finish my may be because i don't have the necessary tools like the knowledge of perspective and anatomy. I don't finish because i start to see all the mistakes and i end up starting another and erasing the older painting. Also i never really done much studies from life or photos but i want to get better so im going to make at least something a day from life...


    i still don't know what my portfolio is for... isn't concept art just a illustration of a idea?... Feel free to critique i appreciate it

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    Just a small update... to the ones viewing have a good day/night :)hlyly12bf1ie.jpg

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    Are you working really small and/or do you have a really small tablet? Your strokes are really small, short and choppy. The anatomy studies suffer from a bit, where just a little more blending would go a long way.

    The old noahs art camp thread may give you some good ideas, and reading the crits there maybe helpful:

    I would also check out the general board:

    The enrichments can help you figure out what to do, and can give you ideas to study more on your own. Master Studies are also great for studying composition, which is a good way to learn how to finish things.

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    Yes i work on a wacom bamboo small on a crappy 14 inch monitor... This week i have been cheating a little not making studies... tryed today to understand clothes but without reference... next time i will do a master study

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