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A huge thank you to all who participated and helped make PAX East 2015 happen! Experiencing my first PAX ever, I was blown away by all the things to do and the amount of kindness and love from everyone. Although we, mostly as consumers, get to play alpha and beta versions of to be released games, which is fun, what makes PAX so great, in my opinion, is the PEOPLE! I got to meet industry veterans, creative development teams, popular twitch streamers, and as a solo attendee, made two new friends while having genuine conversations with others when waiting in queues. I will definitely be attending future PAX events and I hope to become an active member of this rich, vibrant community!

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    I just want to echo this whole-heartedly. This was my first PAX ever, as well, and having only attended Blizzcon in the past, I really wasn't sure what to expect. I loved seeing the diversity of vendors and professionals on the expo floor showcase the amazing work that they are doing, and being able to dabble in both the video game and table-top universes at the same convention was a tremendous treat. I didn't participate in any panels or workshop sessions, unfortunately, but for what I did - visit the Expo Floor, try out some of the latest tech and games, and explore the marketplace - it was absolutely worth the price of admission and then some!

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    The group I attended with (13 of us), it was all our first time attending PAX East as well and we all had a blast. Our first thought when we go to the escalators by the main entrance and looked out over the expo floor for the first was all the same: where the hell do we start?!

    It was great to meet all my friends in person for the first time and PAX East gave me the ability to do that. I unfortunately didn't get much of a chance to play many of the games that were available ( I simply could not wait in those lines...), I still had a huge amount of fun just exploring everything. I look forward to attending next year as I'm sure I'm going to make this an annual thing!

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