I do Medieval Art! [Some NSFW]

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I do a lot of Medieval art, from creating pigments that were used in period to just recreating the amazing things I find.

I figured other people would get a kick out of some of the strange stuff that I occasionally draw.

This tread will be NSFW sometimes because, lets face folks have been weird for a long, long time.

Case in point:

A snake man, playing scrotum bagpipes with his ass. From Pierpont Morgan Library’s MS G24.

Based on this: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/21/ff/37/21ff373304d10520d9d09ac639e5b532.jpg

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    The AC is primarily for critique and while we allow for some NSFW content, that mostly is for life drawing/academic anatomy studies.

    It doesn't seem like this is something we can crit, and assuming that ita only going to get more NSFW from here, I dont think this is the right place for it.

    If you have art that you'd like to post for critiques that involves less creative used for the scrotum feel free to make another thread. if you have any questions, PM me

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