Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Safe Place

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imageCamp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Safe Place


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  • FujitsuLifebookT904FujitsuLifebookT904 The Greatest Registered User regular
    Those feral cats get everywhere.

  • ManabouttimeManabouttime Registered User regular
    This is the greatest story arc of all time. I am completely invested in this.

  • Brass55Brass55 Registered User regular
    Explore the toilet shaped rock formation Malachi!!! Its calling for you!!
    As a current geology major in college i have to say that the toilet rock formation will be mentioned in some of my classes today. :)

  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    Holy shit that big panel made me laugh

    Hobnail wrote: »
    This forum has taken everything from me
    This hurts but I deserve it

  • noibnnoibn Registered User regular
    I love finding the cats :)

  • PsycheRachPsycheRach Registered User regular
    Oh man. I love it. Keep this up! :D

  • GaslightGaslight Registered User regular
    Every time one of the comics in this series goes up I read it at work and then I want to poop. This is making me even less productive than the various initiatives of Penny Arcade Enterprises usually do.

    bowen wrote: »
    The bacteria in your poop exist everywhere.
  • elzarcothepaleelzarcothepale Registered User new member
    i want to go to there. . .

    jake[insert random awesome here]walker
  • davericedaverice Registered User regular
    I hope this ideal place is down stream from the Camp!

  • G3noG3no Registered User new member
    I get the feeling Brian is so pure that his poop was the fertilizer to create this pretty spot

  • gacbmmmlgacbmmml Registered User regular
    What happens when the rock toilet fills up?!

  • Useless0neUseless0ne Registered User regular
    Here, in the bowels of Eden, peace can be found. A serene yet emotional movement that only these flushing meadows can provide. Poop.

  • MekkaBMekkaB Registered User regular
    I totally hit that glade in Fallout 3.

  • Justin138Justin138 HartsvilleRegistered User regular
    Yea love the cat in this one.

  • ReiskaReiska Registered User regular
    This is a poopdom of hope and dreams, the climax of constipation.

    Feel free and explore little human.

  • Twister2Twister2 Registered User regular
    No matter the beauty of this poo-topia, the feral menace/creatures still manage to discover this land.

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