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BrainPaint's Brainscape



  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Thanks folks! I appreciate the kind words. Ill keep up the work ;D

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Im almost done with this, just got to touch up a few places and add the sign graphics I think.

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Final version!

  • squidbunnysquidbunny Registered User regular
    That is so fantastic. I want a print for my kid's room. Make it so! Where can I throw my munnies?!

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Thanks! Unfortunately I made a rookie mistake and made the piece at the exact dimensions of the postcard so I don't think it would blow up big enough for a solid print out. But if you send me your address I can mail you one of the postcards when they arrive :D

  • lyriumlyrium Registered User regular
  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Hi everybody! So I'm still trying to post work hahaha. I'm not the best at this but I'll keep trying because crits and community are important. So a quick update: Since May 2013 (holy crap it's been a while) I got a job at a video game company in Austin TX! It's been a crazy amazing learning experience and I'm having tons o' fun. One of the reason's I'm trying to post to the forums again however, is to get back into more personal work so I can keep experimenting and getting crits on work that isn't trapped in the NDA vortex. So back to business! Here is a sketch that I wanted to finalize a bit more. I've really been getting into shapes a lot more lately and drawing creatures so this is one kind of got me excited. It's been pointed out that the angler coming from his forehead is too thin and looks like a mistake so that will get thickened up. I tossed in a quick color pass a few nights ago and haven't had the chance to get back to it so nothing is final yet. Let me know what you think folks! I promise I'll try to be more involved this round.



  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    So I still haven't gotten back to that piece, the holidays got in the way. Here are a couple sketches I've been playing around with though. The fat dude is Baron Harkonnen from Dune. Also I've been drawing a bunch of harpies since rewatching Fantasia.


  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
  • Tidus53Tidus53 Registered User regular
    I love your liberal use of grey and brown, in that you don't use them at all.

    I'm being serious, the color in every one of these pictures is very breathtaking. It's very nice and refreshing to look at, sort of a palette cleanser for the world.

    It's the kind of art that makes me want to My Tears Are Becoming A Sea from M89

    I also need to gib props to your "no-outline" thing, it kind of really puts it together.

    Now if you'll excuse me, looking at this man's art has made me realize what scrub trash I am, and I now must go sit in the corner and cry.

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Thanks! But you don't have to go cry! Everyone is here for learning right?

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    edited March 2015
    Hey PA, so I've been trying to really get a move on with the sketching lately. Here are some of my latest from various books, studies, and stories. Something will come from these at some point, even if I don't know what that thing is right now.

    BrainPaint on
  • Angel_of_BaconAngel_of_Bacon Moderator mod
    I really dig those first two characters up top.

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Thanks! Yeah I've been trying to do some sketches where i don't plan anything out and just let the pen flow. They always come out a little wonky, but i feel the ideas come out more interesting.

  • RareSlothRareSloth professional tree climber and leaf eater the treesRegistered User regular
    Very masterful use of color, I like how the last one feels so balanced. Cheers.

  • ThaticanyaksThaticanyaks Registered User new member
    Love your characters! <3

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Thanks you two, always love the support :)

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Hey folks, so I'm participating in a alumni show at my old school and it's Game of Thrones themed. I don't have too much time to put something together at this point, but I figure what the hell. I'm actually looking for some work in progress crits since it's kind of been a while since I've put together a narrative illustration and I feel super rusty. Here's what I got: Varys getting some info from one of his little birds during his morning bath. I thought giving him a giant spider back tatoo would be fun. Anyway, this is SUPER rough with just some basic lighting elements thrown in, but it still feels kind of boring to me. There's going to be a servant in the upper left holding a tray of fruit and some more plant elements. Any thoughts?

  • miscellaneousinsanitymiscellaneousinsanity grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, i hurt peopleRegistered User regular
    The secondary elements are all taking up similar amounts of real estate and pretty equally distributed, i'd play around with them a bit - move the table closer to the foreground, extend the foliage past the window and the edge of the page, etc

    Really dig your character designs, btw

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Thanks! I always appreciate the input. Here's what it ended up being:


  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Hey PA folks! I got release approval for some of my concepts :) It's kind of old work now, but let the concept dump commence!

  • EncEnc A Fool with Compassion The Land of Flowers (and Dragons)Registered User regular

    I want this effect in real life.

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Hey folks, I got something im workin on here for a small fun project with my brother. Basically I'm designing an older brother and he's designing the younger in a post apocalyptic world where they are travelling merchants. This is still pretty much the sketch phase and lot of the color will help give mood, but I rarely post in progress stuff so I figured I'd open it up to crits.


  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Gonna start painting soon whenever i get the time

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Getting closer!


  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    So I can't work on this anymore, it's time to move on to something else :)


  • SublimusSublimus Registered User regular
    Cool to see this one finished!

    My only crit would be I''m not sure hwt the backpack is actually attached to his body. I know it's kind of a whimsical design, but having some straps from the bag might be a nice little touch of realistic functionality.

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Yeah I noticed that myself, I think I got too in love with the armor and so i justified that the straps are there but you cant see them. But it does totally add to that weird floaty pack visually. I'm going back into that one for a second to get it read for Staple! so Ill see if I can pop whatever straps are there out a bit more. I already went back in and touched up this Shovel Knight.


  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    This one was from exhibition I was invited to participate in, I cleaned up a few things and added a little sepia:

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    And another! Sorry for the consecutive posts but I didn't realize how many I would get through this weekend...


  • acadiaacadia Registered User regular
    Smoky bison is awesome. Great sense of movement in that one. This ninja one is awesome too, great movement, love your thing for long ribbons of fabric goin everywhere. Her long pony tail does kind of look like a torch, though. My eye is drawn to it more than I think you intended.

  • SublimusSublimus Registered User regular
    Are you just cleaning these up for staple? ARE YOU GETTING A TABLE?? CAN I DRINK BEER AT YOUR TABLE!?

    (When is staple again?)

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Yeah we got put on a waiting list and found out a week ago that someone bailed so now we are sharing a table. So I only really have like a week's time to clean up the rest because then I need to start printing. Of course you can come drink at our table dude!

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    Here's the next one I've updated, there was a lot of little tweaks to do in this one. Still not 100% happy but I gotta move on to keep on schedule.


  • SublimusSublimus Registered User regular
    Oh sick, I just noticed the little reflection in the mirror!

    I've always liked this one. I feel like it's an excellent extrapolation of the character in one of his moments outside the spotlight.

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    @Sublimus I went back into that traveller guy and added some straps. I actually like it a lot better. I also colored the back ground a bit and touched up a few things. Woo getting things done!


  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    This one is going to take a lot longer. There's a lot left to go :/

  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    One more session:


  • BrainPaintBrainPaint Registered User regular
    I think I've gotta let this one go too. I could spend forever working on it but I got a schedule at the moment...


  • lyriumlyrium Registered User regular
    These are absolutely beautiful, and it's awesome to see such productivity. One personal preference- I like the colors in the second to last snake skull picture more than the final picture. I know the light is really yellow but there was something more interesting about how it balanced out before you warmed it up so much. Looks great still though!

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