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Lights, Camera, Chromatize! [Chroma Squad]



  • chris: waffle kingchris: waffle king Registered User regular
    Holy crow, season 6.

    Now, i was warned that there would be a difficulty spike, but i wasnae quite expecting what i got...didn't even get through the first scene before tossing in the towel. Re-equipped to have more in Skill Regen, which didn't really do wonders for my Attack and Health, but i'm hoping the easier access to skills will help the next time i give it a go tomorrow morning.


    It was astonishingly easier after the rewind, for whatever reason. addendum to the last. The stage went much easier with the respec, like you said, @Dracomicron . Except....

    That little update they just did, apparently fixing one batch of things went and made something else wonky. The first time i tried to play through the Episode today, my Scout got killed by some lingering damage effect, and the game just...kinda started spinning it's wheels (this is in the first scene of the Ep.). Enemies wouldn't take their turn, i had no options to use my characters, no menus except the Bug Report and Save/Quit ones available. So...sent a bug report, took a break, tried it again...

    This time, get through the first scene completely, into the second. Complete the 1st Director's Instruction, Round my team up to get through the door to finish it out, and...the same thing happens as before. Music/Animations are running, but the scene won't progress, everyone's just boppin' along to the BGM.

    So, sent in another bug report. Don't know if i'll try to finish it out again, today. i only have so much time before i have to head into work.

    Disappointing, really. i was doing so well, this go around.

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  • MaddocMaddoc I'm Bobbin Threadbare, are you my mother? Registered User regular
    I haven't played since the game froze at the very end of the final episode

    Been meaning to go back and finish it, but I keep hearing about various glitches and freezes in the last episode, which is not a short episode

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