Help me remember two books

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Hello, I'm a long time reader first time poster. I was wondering if anyone could figure out these books for me.

1) The first book is a story where Good has finally triumphed over evil but the world becomes unbalanced and therefore the heroes in this book are a band of evil heroes who try to restore the balance and in the end released evil in the world. This was a fantasy book with dragons and I remember the title had a Knight on its cover.

2) The second book is actually a series of 3 books. It stars an African hero, I think the writer based the hero on a Kenyan tribal warrior, who tries to save to world. All I remember was that there was a pirate type character who banded together to save the world. The hero might or might not be a wizard and I remember a scene where they enter a Djinns house and he binds them to the floor where they are sitting. I think the hero was based on the Massai.

If anyone could remember which books these were, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!


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    Villains by Necessity

    Imaro is the closest I can find for 2.

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