Chrome Crashes when using YouTube

GanluanGanluan Registered User regular
Starting a couple days ago, when I use Chrome on my laptop (but not on my desktop), the video will freeze after a couple seconds and Chrome itself will become unresponsive. This happens both with embedded videos and on YouTube's site.

I've disabled all Extensions, uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome and turned on/off hardware acceleration, and it's still happening. I am able to watch YouTube fine in other browsers, but I like using Chrome for everything.

Has anyone else seen this?


  • EncEnc A Fool with Compassion The Land of Flowers (and Dragons)Registered User regular
    One of a billion chrome issues with how it is designed. I've gotten it to stop by manually shutting down all chrome processes on my computer (even after closing it there are usually a bunch eating up ram) and reopening chrome.

  • DisruptedCapitalistDisruptedCapitalist rugged, weathered Registered User regular
    It might be because Adobe's Flash plugin is interfering with Chrome's Flash plugin, although I thought YouTube was going exclusively HTML5 video now, so maybe that's not it.

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