Accidental Automated Refunding Thread

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Show Clix had conducted automated refunds for any/all customers who placed 2 orders.

The Pax support confirmed via email to customers that placing 2 order to obtain 4 sets of badges was OK, because of the site error only allowing 2 sets per basket.

After speaking with support via phone, you will need to email [email protected] about your situation.

At this time, it's believed that this was a communication error, but processing of the refunds and refund confirmation emails have gone out from Show Clix.

Please update here with your progress in your effort to correct the issue. I'm confident Pax wants to correct this issue. Please be patient, as it's likely that 1000s of customers are affected.

UPDATE 1: Member via Pax Reddit gained verbal confirmation via the support hotline that his 2x2 order was indeed flagged, and that it should have not been flagged. We do not have confirmation that 3x1 2x1 1x1 1x1x1 orders were also flagged, but we do know that they shouldn't have been at this time.

UPDATE 2: There are reports of customers who bought more than 4, who obtained written confirmation from PAX that they could keep their order, despite ordering more than the limit. Those customers were also flagged and had orders canceled. The clear method to resolve this, is to forward that email confirmation to [email protected] This was for select circumstances only. If you did not receive written confirmation, you do not have a case to plead.

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