XBox One Profiles, Parental Controls, and Apps

CarpyCarpy Registered User regular
I'm thinking about picking up an XBone with the sale Microsoft has going on right now and I was looking for some peoples experience with parental controls and apps. Mainly looking at Netflix here, as far as I can tell you can't link a Netflix profile to an Xbox profile but do content restrictions on the xbox profile carry over into Netflix? I'm guessing they don't but I wanted to ask.


  • Zilla360Zilla360 21st Century. |She/Her| Surreal. Immersive. Earth.Registered User regular
    No, they're separate.

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  • InAmberCladInAmberClad Registered User regular
    I don't know for sure but what I can tell you is that there are two profiles on my Xbone. Myself and my 8 year old son. When I am signed in on my own I can access all of Netflix. When his profile is also signed in I get a limited selection of titles.

    I thought I was going mad at first. My Xbone signs my wife in as my son every time she walks infront of it and one night we were sitting down trying to watch a movie we had found the night before only to find it missing from the list... until I tried signing my son's profile out and bam... all the movies were back.

    I just checked this now and yep, if I sign in as the kid... I can't see the higher rated movies.

  • CarpyCarpy Registered User regular
    Awesome, thanks for the info. Glad to hear that they carry over.

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