You sent my Badge to the wrong place (PAX admins please look here)

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I apologize for posting this here but I cannot find a working email for you on your site that does not involve me buying advertising, which is how I got in touch with you the first time. Please forward this to someone that can assist, pretty please.

I moved in June and I informed you that I had so you could update my address. The person I emailed with said everything was taken care of and I needed to do nothing else. So I deleted the email, super happy everything was taken care of.

Today I got the 'Badge Shipped' email today and it went to my old address. I hope against hope that mail forwarding catches it. If it does not make it to me what do I do?? Please send me an email and let me know.


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    [email protected] is the email to send to for these issues. It requires zero advertising purchase to work.

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