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Time to (slightly!) rework the community crest?

bacon_avengerbacon_avenger Defender of Pork ProductsPacific NW, USARegistered User regular
As someone who has been fortunate to be around to witness the birth of PAX Aus and South, I realized that the community badge still only has blue (Prime) and red (East).

Is it time for a recolouring to include them and a new set of pins, patches, 8x10 glossy, posters, etc? :biggrin:

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  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Yeah I know @Yamara has been thinking about this. I will ping her and see if she'll be able to work on it between Prime and South.

  • YamaraYamara Registered User regular
    Yeah, I've been thinking I should update it since Aus was added. Thankfully now we have South and it'll be an easier fix. :) I might need a reminder once Prime is over. :) If people want it in time for South, just prod me with whatever deadline is needed.

    The four colors are easy enough. And people don't trade cards anymore, so I was going to remove that. Are there further changes that need to be made?

    Just forewarning, all these colors will also make swag more expensive for things like steins and pins, where they often charge per individual color.

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