Laserdisc help needed!

Figure this is the right place to ask. As you probably know, there is not a great demand for Laserdiscs these days and they are dirt cheap. So I grabbed a player and a few discs because why not, I always wanted one.

However, the picture quality is, quite franky, really, really bad. The picture is extremely fuzzy. Against black, you can see all the composite colors and whatnot. You know, the reds and blues that make up a tube picture. Now, this is old tech, but just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I popped in a VHS tape of the same movie I was watching, and the picture was crystal clear in comparison. No fuzz. Being outdone by VHS is kind of embarrassing, I know that isn't supposed to be normal.

Does anyone know if this issue is likely connected to the player (this apparently matters a great deal), the discs themselves, or something else?



  • baudattitudebaudattitude Registered User regular
    Red and blue sparkles? Welcome to laser rot, the wonderful phenomenon of your discs eating themselves. :(

    It won't affect every disc, but some plants were notorious for putting out discs that were prone to rot.

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    Thanks for the response. I didn't think it was laser rot, because it looked more like interference. But on watching again, you can see the sparkling lights. And I also have a disc here (not a movie, just a demo), that looks very clear in comparison. So I guess it is laser rot after-all. Just got to find better discs then.

    Edit; there's no copyright renewal on movie 1 in question (Alien), so it is older than I am, and a pretty early release.

    Edit 2: just as a PSA for those who might not know, which was me until some research finally came across it. The problem I was having with movie number 2 is not disc rot. Its disc warping. When I bought a laserdisc on ebay, I assumed I was buying a mint condition used copy, but the guy sent me a factory wrapped new copy. Problem: sitting in tight shrink wrap for 20 years warps the disc. It isn't really visible unless you are specifically looking for it, but when you are, you can tell. Welp, hopefully it can be flattened. If not, at least I have a mint sleeve to put another disc in. In the interest of the tiny audience who might be interested: don't buy new.

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