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Super Happy - Challenging and Charming Puzzle-Platformer [Free Codes] [iOS]

TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin

App Store

Ball's world was black and white until vibrant alien blocks fell from the sky and destroyed civilization.
In Super Happy Fun Block, objects which are the same color as the background cease to exist. Using the ability to change the color of the world, players will have to phase objects in and out of existence to maneuver through treacherous obstacles, uncover hidden secrets, and stop the Ablockalypse.

Super Happy Fun Block was made to bring great classic gameplay to mobile devices - so if you are looking for a deeper mobile game experience, you should definitely check it out! It took over three years of work to complete and had a great deal of polish and love put into it.

"Charming, fun and humorous... the shining iOS star of this weekend’s Boston Festival of Indie Games." - Brett Nolan, App Addict
"Give it a try and days later you're still eager to beat 'just one more level.'" - Dave Caolo, Apple World
"An absolutely phenomenal release... It's right up there with the best and most charming of all of them" - T.A. Forums

Free Promo Codes:

Please post when you use a code. I'm excited to hear what you all think of the game!

Ethan Benanav

Hobnail wrote: »
This forum has taken everything from me
This hurts but I deserve it



  • glazedkoalaglazedkoala Registered User regular
    Hey everyone! I'm Ethan Benanav, the creator of Super Happy Fun Block.

    I'm just snagging this first post spot to edit later for future updates. Enjoy the game! : )

    Ethan Benanav
  • CheesechickCheesechick Registered User regular
    Whoo! Super Happy! I'm the game's narrative designer. So if you encounter any dumb jokes in the game, it's my fault. Sorry not sorry.

  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    If you were still looking for people to play/provide feedback/whatever, I just tried to redeem and the codes seem to have expired :(

    PA HotS Group ID: kime#1822
    3DS Friend Code: 3110-5393-4113
    Steam profile
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