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So theres a game I want to run, called Marvel Heroes Adventure Saga. When Wizards of the Coast had the rights to Marvel they put out a non collectible card game.

The game is fast paced, and a hell of a lot of fun, with minimal stat crunching and rulebookery.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to play this online. The answer would be a game engine that handles cards. I suppose there are that, but it woulkd have to be customized for the particular game.

Unless someone else has a way to play an out of print card game online?

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    I would definitely be down for this, if you're taking players. I played this back in the day along with Dragonlance 5th Age, and I always kinda dug the "Hand of Fate" system.

    OcTgn might work. I don't have a link to it right off hand, but I've used it to play VS and the WOWTCG. You'd just have to scan in all the cards and build the deck out of them. I'm not sure how many players it'll support though.

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    I think I need to clarify.

    Thanks for the link btw, thats defiantly something I'm looking into.

    It's a roleplaying game. Instead of dice, you determine actions via cards. Just so you know. You have 4 stats, agility, strength, willpower (magic), and intelligence. You use these and your powers to determine what you can do, the cards add to these and improve your numbers for your actions. Cards also determine your health.

    An example of action would be someone playing the Hulk.

    Hulk needs to pick up an aircraft carrier and throw it at an oncoming asteroid a few hundred miles into space.

    Now, Hulks been down lately, a lot of creditors have been coming by as well as those nosy neighbors, and the cookies he bought from those girl scouts were the wrong kind when delivered.

    He's kind of pissed.

    So, he's been pissed a few rounds and his normal strength of 20 (the highest stat you can have as a player character) is increased to 25. This is WTFBBQ level. [Hulk has a power that lets him get a point of strength for every round he's angry.]

    Still, that might not be enough. I mean, this is an aircraft carrier we're talking about, loaded with everything needed to stop an asteroid hurtling at the earth: Nuclear weapons, negative bombs, lawyers... the whole schmeal.

    So Hulk plays a card. Now in his hand he's got a blue (intelligence) of 4, an red (agility) of 6, and a green (strength) of 2.

    Hulk plays the 2 and has a total strength of 27. He could have played any card there with no penalty and that might have been enough, but Hulks hedging his humongous heft on a heavy heliopath. By playing a strength card Hulk gets a trump. A trump is a card played who's color matches the action it falls under. So Hulk doing a strength action makes strength cards the trump. Trump lets you flip a card off the deck and add that to your total. If the card flipped is also a trump suit, you keep flipping.

    Hulk gets lucky and flips a green 7, then a red 7. His total is now 42.

    This is OMGWTFBBQ beat the living shit out of all the gods in the universe level and Hulk picks up the aircraft carrier flings it into the asteroid and saves the day. The round is now over and Hulks player redraws the card he just played.

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