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Flight to Melbourne? How NOT to die

KeroanKeroan Chicago, IllinoisRegistered User regular
I just read Mike's post today and he was asking for advice on how to make the flight not miserable. Seeing as a 3 hour flight makes me want to leap physically out of the plane and fall to earth while laughing maniacally (still while clutching my inflight beverage), does anyone have any advice about flights to Melbourne for those who would want to go to AUS some day? What airline would you use and where would you layover potentially? Laying over in Hong Kong sounds... less than pleasurable to me, but I have no idea!


  • CuZZaCuZZa Khoo's Epic Mount Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    I have plenty of experience going the other way for PAX Prime, to be honest, get the single long flight. It is better, you can just sit and pass time. No shuffling on and off planes, making sure you have everything, carrying around all your on-board crap. Sure it's 22 hours of flight, but honestly, get something that will put you to sleep and sleep most of it.

    However if you would rather break it up, my favourite stops are Hawaii or my old leg which takes me through the best places, Singapore Airlines do San Francisco to Singapore via a quick stop (literally, get off, do security, get back on the plane) in Hong Kong. Singapore's Changi Airport is THE GREATEST airport in the world. It has a free movie theater with space for your carry on luggage, great shopping, great food, a butterfly enclosure to chill out in, massages, lounges looking over the tarmac to watch planes land and take off. One year I was there a few weeks before the first Singapore F1 GP and they had a Ferrari F1 simulator and it was AWESOME.

    Also, stop over in San Francisco is great. Love it there, good food, good people, good drinks. I highly recommend finding episodes from The Layover by Anthony Bourdain.

  • noevidenznoevidenz Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User new member
    Most airlines are pretty comparable. Being Australian I have a tendency to fly with Qantas.

    Here's a few tips for sanity:
    • Show up for your flight early. (If you're feeling ballsy you can even ask to be considered for an upgrade.) Once you've checked your bags and cleared security you'll be able to relax.
    • Ask for an aisle seat. You can walk around as much as you want without hassling people to get out of your way, and it feels better to be asked to move than to wake someone else up so you can go to the toilet. (The window seat has cool views, sure. But your window will be closed for most of the flight and all you can see is ocean or clouds. It's not worth it.)
    • Don't wear anything with metal on it. Zippers are fine, but belt buckles, bracelets, eyelets on shoes, rings and necklaces may set off the metal detectors and you'll have to take them off. Either pack them or keep them in your carry-on until you get past security.
    • When leaving America you will have to take off your shoes at security. Wear something you can slip on and off if possible.
    • Carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with you. Brushing your teeth after 15 hours on the plane makes you feel human again.
    • Books are your friend, and the airplane will have movies.

    For everyone else's sanity:
    • Please for the love of god don't recline your seat all the way. A couple notches is fine, but everyone hates when the seat in front of them is pressed up against their chest.

  • Robert KhooRobert Khoo Registered User, ClubPA staff
    Don't forget your visa situation!

    Some guy.
  • KeroanKeroan Chicago, IllinoisRegistered User regular
    Oh fair point! I hadn't thought of that. I'm always traveling to Canada but Canada's like... our friendly hat.

  • JazzyJazzy Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    As a traveler from Australia I've been on far too many long trips to Europe, ME and the US (first world problems).

    Drink a lot of water, I prefer to fly Premium economy (it's better than other airlines Prem Econ) on a 777 via Auckland otherwise centre aisle seat as you have a good chance of a spare seat next to you if you're solo. Bring multiple light changes of clothing (shorts, t-shirt, jocks & socks) and basic toiletries. Have a shower at airport you can.

    Take sleeping drugs on flights longer than ten hours. Don't bother trying to move your body clock in advance of the trip.

    Laptops if you get stuck at an airport for entertainment. Also a well known credit card for the same. Saved my life when I got stuck in Singapore due to a volcano for seven days.

    There are million tips online but the above works for me.

    Biggest thing, positive attitude, trick yourself. It really works!

    Moon Wizard.
  • SennoSenno AustraliaRegistered User regular
    3DS and a buttload of games

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